“Operator, as is the custom, allow me to join in the celebration of the heart! Appreciating the cardiovascular system which facilitates your continued existence is a very worthwhile celebration. Happy Heart of the Lotus Ordis! Oh? What’s that? Hmmm…..how strange. Cephalon Suda just communicated to me that the holiday is more sentimental than biological. That seems misplaced. Ordis will never understand your strange celebrations, Operator.”

Heart of the Ordis has arrived! Ordis may have messed up the decorations but at least there’s plenty of other ways to celebrate! Starting February 8 at 3 a.m. ET until February 15 at 3 a.m. ET , we’re having an Official Warframe Merch sale with 40% off everything in the store! Use the code VALENTINES40 at Checkout to redeem your discount. That’s not all, on February 12 at 11 a.m. ET, Ordis will do his best to get you in the spirit of Heart of the Lotus Ordis. Log in to receive gifts you’ll fall in love with for your Fashion Frame. Act quickly Tenno, these in-game items will only available until February 19 at 11 a.m. ET!

Eros Ornament
Even the Ostrons can’t resist getting swept up in the festivities. The Eros Oro Ornament will be added into Nakak’s Cetus Offering rotation for the week. Pick it up for 50,000 Credits next time you’re in Cetus. Since it’s in the rotation, it will only be available at select times and you’ll have to watch closely if you want to catch it!

Valentine Color Picker and Eros Skin
Last year’s Heart of the Lotus Items have returned as well! Wear your heart on your Warframe with the Valentine Color Picker, or play Cupid with the Eros Arrow Skin.

– Valentine Color Picker – 1 Credit
– Eros Arrow Skin – 5,000 Credits
– Downyn Glyph Bundle (total of 5)
– Bundle: 80 Plat
– Individual: 20 Plat

There’s so many ways to participate and more on the way, Tenno! Stay vigilant, because where there’s celebration, Darvo smells profit. He’ll be bringing new deals your way soon so stay tuned for more details!