Build your team from 22 seasoned Mercenaries, each with different weapons and abilities.

Participate in Ranked Seasons to test your mettle against players from around the world and earn limited edition loadout cards.

Take advantage of a wide selection of weapon skins and become even more individual on the battlefield.

Dirty Bomb | Changes to Ranked Season 4

In a couple of weeks’ time we’ll be changing up Ranked Season 4. It’s no secret that the team is working hard on Dirty Bomb to move it towards its 1.0 state, and some features are higher priority than others to help make that happen. One of the features that will be changing slightly in...
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In last week’s detailed news post about the future of Dirty Bomb we talked about changing the Default Loadout cards. Many of you asked what they would be, so here you go. These Loadout Cards are all mock-ups, so the artwork isn’t final, but the Primary, Secondary and Melee weapons, along with the Augments, are. For...
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Dirty Bomb | WHAT’S NEXT?

The addition of cosmetic-only Weapon Cards has allowed us to begin reworking a number of our existing systems. In this news post we’ll be detailing some of the changes you can expect to see early next year. The first three changes we’re going to be implementing are: Giving each Default Loadout Card three Augments from...
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