Dirty Bomb | Changes to Ranked Season 4

In a couple of weeks’ time we’ll be changing up Ranked Season 4. It’s no secret that the team is working hard on Dirty Bomb to move it towards its 1.0 state, and some features are higher priority than others to help make that happen.

One of the features that will be changing slightly in the run up to 1.0 is Ranked. Previously we’ve had Ranked ‘Seasons’ that typically lasted a few months with fixed content and fixed rewards.

We wanted to try something a little bit different this time around though. Over the new few months we’ll be changing up Ranked Season 4 weekly, with new content coming into the store, Mercs and maps coming out, with others going in. We’ll share the news as we do with our weekly Free Merc Rotation, but to give you all a heads up, here’s what the next couple of weeks will be bringing. Please note that these inclusions and timings are subject to change; we might add or remove different things at different times!

Week 1

With Phantom’s rework and Terminal Redux in the offing, both the existing map and Merc will be leaving Ranked Season 4. In their place Javelin will be joining the fray, alongside 2 new cases featuring Pristine Ranked Weapon Skins.

Leaving Ranked Season 4:


Joining Ranked Season 4:


New Content:

Ranked Season 4 Weapon Skins: Cases 1 & 2 (All Special Edition)


Week 2

Underground has seen some changes based on community feedback, and with the update version of the map joining the game soon, Underground will be leaving rotation this week. Being added to the store, though, is Nader’s Ranked Obsidian Skin!

Leaving Ranked Season 4:


New Content:

Ranked Obsidian: Nader


This is just a sample of some of the changes we’ll be making to Ranked Season 4, with a few surprises going in along the way. In the final few months before 1.0 we wanted to experiment with a few things; Ranked and Events being just two. No doubt there will be a couple of teething issues during these experiments, but we want to try these things out before release.

We’ll be making more changes to Ranked Season 4 over the coming weeks, so keep an eye on our social channels and the website!

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